Expand Your Reach with Go Mighty Oak: Access a Vast 150M Record Opt-In List with Over 700 Targeting Options!

Go Mighty Oak's E-mail Marketing Powerhouse: A Vast Network of +150M Subscribers

Leverage the strength of Go Mighty Oak’s extensive email marketing services, connecting you to a vast network of over 150 million subscribers.


With more than 700 targeting parameters, we customize your message to reach the perfect audience.


For instance, if you’re in the recruiting business, directly engage with potential clients actively seeking candidates and solutions.


Transform your reach and results with precision-targeted email campaigns.

Studies Reveal: Email Is Still The Most Effective Way of Communication. 

Over 50% of Americans engage with their favorite brands through email. The same study also shows that users can check their emails more than 10 times for updates.


No wonder that 59% of marketers are celebrating through effective email marketing strategies.


Plus, with Go Mighty Oak’s expertise in segmented campaigns, your business could be part of the elite group witnessing a staggering 760% increase in revenue.


Let’s make every email count!

We Offer You More Than 700 Targeting  Parameters.

Go Mighty Oak offers you an extensive, highly segmented, and regularly updated opt-in consumer email list.


One of the largest in the nation!


A broad-range segmentation, featuring over 700 options, allows you to precisely target your audience based on criteria such as family size, location, children's ages, parents' ages, households with elderly members, and more.

Send Out Successful Email Campaigns with Go Mighty Oak's Expert Guidance

Your successful email marketing journey starts with a dedicated team eager to dive deep with you.


From customizing compelling email content to selecting the most effective promotions based on insights from our in-depth library of over 100 case studies.


We’ll help you build a targeted, segmented list, execute the campaign, and deliver insightful reports.


Connect with our Email Marketing specialists today to begin strategizing for your campaign’s success.

Pricing and FAQ

What is the cost to access this e-mail marketing list?

Our pricing is tailored based on the scale of your campaigns and initial setup expenses. The cost varies with the volume of emails sent.


For instance, sending 50,000 emails incurs a fee of $1,000.


For larger campaigns, like 200,000 emails, the rate is $800 per 50,000 emails sent.

How updated and current is this email marketing list?

Our email marketing lists are live organisms, that's why we have to nourish, update and clean up the list on a daily basis.

More questions? 

Our experts are waiting to hear from you. Contact us TODAY!


Email marketing stands as a time-tested strategy in digital marketing, playing an essential role in scaling businesses and sky-rocketing them to new heights.


With Go Mighty Oak's in-depth 150M record opt-in list and over 700 targeting options, your email campaigns are set up for great results!


Our team at Go Mighty Oak is passionate about customizing and executing the ideal email marketing campaign that will elevate your business to greater success.

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