Improve Your 3-Star Review Rankings for Better Online Reputation

Studies revealed recently that almost 70% of consumers don't purchase from businesses with less than a 3-Star Review Rankings.


Helping You To Build Trust


84% of the consumers say they trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations

88% of people say that online reviews have had a major impact on their buying decisions in the past.

 88% of consumers claim good ranking reviews to make them trust a local business more

92% of the overall B2B buyers will more likely purchase from a business after reading a trusted review

94% say that an online review has convinced them avoid a business.


Moreover, businesses risk losing almost 22% of customers due to a single negative feedback.

Want to convert your website visitors into leads and sales?


You need to built TRUST. And you can do that by managing your online reputation.

Automate Your 5-Star Review Collection with Advanced CRM Integration

Improve your online reputation with Go Mighty Oak's cutting-edge review generation technology.


Seamlessly integrate with any CRM system and automatically prompt your clients to leave reviews via SMS or Email.


This efficient process not only saves time but also ensures a consistent flow of high-quality reviews.


Enable your team to send these review requests whenever necessary, maintaining a steady stream of positive feedback to boost your online presence.

Unique Customer Reviews with One-Click Direct Links to Top Review Sites


Simplify the review process for your customers using Go Mighty Oak's automated one-click system, directing them to major review platforms.


This unique approach allows you to maintain a balanced presence across various review sites effectively.


At Go Mighty Oak, we collaborate with a multitude of publishers to ensure your reviews are widespread and influential, enhancing your online credibility and visibility.

Privately Address Negative  Feedback With

Facing a negative review from a customer?


With Go Mighty Oak's smart approach, address and manage such feedback privately and effectively.


Our system focuses on discreet, direct engagement, turning potential customer concerns into opportunities for improvement and maintaining your brand's positive image.

Maximizing Team Performance and Customer Engagement with Real-Time Insights


Your team's effectiveness and engagement will sky-rocket using Go Mighty Oak's dynamic tools.


Assess team performance through advanced promoter and detractor scoring systems, and gain valuable insights with our comprehensive team scorecards.


Manage easily and stay updated with real-time business reviews through our live review stream.


Plus, maintain a complete history of customer interactions and track their journey from the initial greeting to a grateful thank-you, ensuring a seamless and responsive customer experience.

Pricing and FAQ


What's the pricing structure?

Go Mighty Oak offers various packages starting at $60 per month. Including: Review Generation + Automation One-Click Review Free Setup/Installation + Unlimited Team Members & More!


How does automated review generation actually work?

We make it much easier for you the process of gathering customer feedback. Unlike manual methods where you send personalized messages and links to each customer, we create the automation for you, saving time and efficiently managing your online reputation.

How quick can you improve review ranking?

If you're starting with 3-star rankings, assuming that you have several clients, then we can achieve a 4-star ranking within 2 months.

What's the optimal ranking average?

Studies reveal that 4.2-4.5 review ranking will help you leave a great impression in front of your audience and convert your leads into sales in a much efficient way. 

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In today's digital era, managing your brand's online reputation is crucial.


Businesses suffering from low review rankings are losing a significant portion of their potential customers.


Our experts are eager to assist you in enhancing your review rankings.


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